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The Beautiful Orchid and a Valuable Lesson of Patience

“The orchid is Mother Nature’s Masterpiece.” 


Research reveals evidence of orchids dating back to the age of the dinosaurs, over hundreds of million years ago. Orchids are one of the largest and oldest families of plants in the world. For millennia, people worldwide have fallen in love with their Orchid Flowers. 

Many people don’t realize that orchid dormancy lasts six to nine months after its blossoms fall from the stem, with no guarantee it may re-bloom. During this stage, the orchid plant begins dormancy as it revives strength for later blossoming. Although most admit that orchids are beautiful plants, they are never faced with the same patience and value they deserve.  

I can be the first to tell you how challenging they are if you’ve never had an orchid or seen someone care for it throughout its dormancy.

Our hometown, Chiang Mai, is in the north, surrounded by mountains and lush green countryside, and best known as the Orchid Capital of Thailand, my father became an orchid breeder as he retired.

Here is someone that had dedicated the time, energy, and money to maintaining something alive, so maybe, just maybe, he could experience it re-blooming. 

I watched and learned how he had to wash, clean, trim the roots, prepare the peat moss, have proper potting soil and fir bark, fertilize, and so on. With extraordinary patience, he kept trying despite pressure and uncertainty. 

My father taught me how to care for orchids during their dormancy, which led to my conclusion of patience—patience is a virtue! 

“Orchids taught me the immense pleasure of triumph when that lengthy shoot turns into a bud, and that bud blooms almost indescribably.”

I understood that sometimes thing not so simple as growing orchids could be fascinating and inspiring.

Orchids teach me it’s okay not to be perfect always; my willingness to learn, grow, and adapt matters.

They remind me I must prioritize patience and effort over unrealistic expectations to achieve the highest potential.

We live in a society of instant gratification, and there’s no place for patience in such a world. This creates twin realities: two worlds living parallel to one another. 

Most people live in instant gratification, but a few understand the power and rewards that come from learning the fine art of patience

These goals are attainable, but they, of course, aren’t realized right away.

“A first-time woodworker might struggle to make a pen from a kit, and a master turns a few scraps into a beautiful, functional piece of furniture.”

I understood the importance and true meaning of patience. Patience is how I can change my world. The more patience I have and apply, the more significant the change I believe I can affect. 

I am indebted for one of the essential life lessons this beautiful and exotic being has taught me. 

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