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The Things Silence Says…..Just Listen!

Silence is a vital part of communication.

If this sounds startling, it’s only because we treat talking and communicating as synonyms. 

But they are not the same thing. You can talk to a wall and only communicate with someone. Talking is a monorail; communication is a two-way street.

On this two-way street, there are two lanes—one for speech and one for silence.

Communication has the goal of transferring a thought from one mind to another. That goal takes more than words; it takes thought, concentration, and focus—all the things best achieved by silence.

Letting your words sink in is as critical a part of a speech as the words themselves are. Breaking up the flow of words keeps them from floating past.

In today’s fast-paced world, silence is startling. It seizes attention, sharpens focus, and stimulates thought. You pull your subject out of words’ clamor and say it’s essential. “It is so great that it’s worth the wait.”

Even in a casual setting, silence gives you a sense of power. Though often perceived as awkward, silence is a time to think, smile, and show others you’re interested in them as persons, not just as answering machines.

Silence is soothing when you’re on the same wavelength as someone else. Someone you can be silent with is someone you know.

Sincerity is never afraid of silence; liars are always rattling on. Silence builds confidence as surely as hurry breeds anxiety. Like an age-old, moss-covered tree, silence communicates a refreshing strength and patience.

Quiet as silence is, it still speaks volumes.

Silence saves us from hasty words and silly speeches. It protects us from wasteful repetition or verbal clutter. Silence clears the brain and organizes thoughts for speech.

The fast lane of the communication highway is full of people who want to say something, even if no one is listening. But if communication is our desire, the slow lane of silence is a surer route. 

“Silence, louder than any words, will say for us we care—that we care to think, to connect, to make space, and yes, to listen.

Aura Alex