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The Amazing Fish Story! Salmon Migration

“It’s a Salmon Run! Time To Go Home.”

Chinook Salmon

The upriver salmon migration is one of nature’s most mysterious dramas. Thousands of Pacific salmon embark on an epic journey against the odds. Battling their way upstream through treacherous waters and fierce predators, these resilient creatures undertake a strenuous race that may swim hundreds or thousands of miles to reach spawning grounds—a story of determination that embodies the power of nature’s wonderful mysteries!

The journey is an example of phenomenal effort—perseverance.

The circle of life and death takes mental toughness. First, they must survive their years in the ocean, staying safe amid commercial fishers, natural predators, and storms. Only the strongest survive by swimming against the swift current and leaping over steep waterfalls.

Second, the male must resist other males at the spawning grounds to keep them from his female of choice. The female covers her eggs with silt and remains on watch for several hours or days.

Third, she lays her eggs, and the male deposits his sperm over them. The salmon turn into brilliant colors and die within a few days of spawning from injuries and exhaustion. Young salmon develop a great sense of smell of their home water as they grow into adulthood.  

Each year from June through November, adult salmon begin their epic journey from their birth rivers and streams toward the ocean. Depending on specific species, salmon spend one to seven years in the sea.

Research has discovered that the same adult salmon return to their birthplace using the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate the migration process. Those that survive will spawn and die, and this migration process begins the salmon life cycle.  

Let this great video captivate you. It’s about the incredible journey of salmon migration. Enjoy!

Video Credit to CATCH – Documentary Series

Like salmon, many of us possess an “innate ability to persevere through the difficulty and adversity at all cost.”

Some who may have written a failed resume give up amidst the difficulty.

There is no circumvention on life’s struggles, and it is not the absence of effort and difficulty that makes up peace, strength, and resolve to ensure you will emerge. As a man thinks in his heart, so he is…

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”

Walter Elliot

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