Doi Suthep Temple, Chiang Mai

Aura was born and raised in Chiang Mai, a highland northern Thailand city established in 1296. It’s home to several exquisite and ancient Buddhist temples. 

Aura visited New York City in the early 70s to attend college in Boston, Massachusetts. The visit to The Statue of Liberty was special and reminded Aura of her new life and opportunity.

Today, living in the Pacific Northwest Olympic Peninsula becomes “Aura’s deepest fantasies have come to life” of her passion for the outdoors: thrilling nature trails, majestic snow-capped ridges, dazzling beauty of dusk over the deep blue ocean, and water sports: kayaking and dragon boating.

While working in the corporate world in a marketing role, Aura created and edited newsletters and articles relating to her key projects in new product development in the hi-tech manufacturing industry.  

Aura worked as a realtor for many years in Washington and Ohio. Later, she found a niche in real estate investment funding and transaction management relating to commercial transactions. She has continued to work in the real estate-related industries since 2001.

After long years of hard work and dedication, Aura finally fulfills her lifelong dream of writing a book about the lessons life has taught her. This precious collection of insights will be an invaluable source for anyone looking for inspiration or insight into their lives.

With a few stories already available on her website, readers can get an exciting taste of what’s coming from this writer’s upcoming creative nonfiction writing—one she is creating right now! And she plans to have her first book available later this year-2024.

Her book will be an ode to her journey, full of stories that will surely entice the minds and hearts of friends old and new! So join Aura on this journey as we explore what it means to live with passion!

When people tell their stories and feel heard, Magic happens!

Aura Alex