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What Turtles Can Teach Us

Many of us are searching for a meaningful and simple life, but happy one. Some people search for a lifetime for answers, but did you know that the secret may lie in the lives of Turtles?

As a young girl growing up in Thailand, the Turtle was one of my favorite zoo animals. My father often took us to visit the zoo, and we asked questions and learned about the zoo animals and their lives in the wild.

We often see Turtles as slow and unassuming animals, content to take their time and move through life at their own pace. We learned at a young age that Turtles have been around for centuries and have a lot of wisdom to share.

Sea Turtles swim thousands of miles to the same beach they were born to lay eggs—a new life cycle begins. This genetic determination encourages Turtles to fight their way, and if they survive, it repeats generation after generation. 

Video Credit to Planet Earth – BBC Earth

This journey reminds us that we should be patient and take our time, and it also reminds us to create a safe space for ourselves. The journey shows how solid and enduring Turtles are, and the journey is an example of the phenomenal effort of this enduring creature, the Turtle.

Turtles are ancient creatures: their wisdom, determination, patience, endurance, and physical characteristics make them one of nature’s highly admired creatures. 

Turtles are slow but resilient creatures. Known for their iconic shells, Turtles carry them as their home and shelter to protect them from predators. They make a home wherever they go. This flexibility and mobility should be a lesson to us all: whatever you do, and wherever you go in life, like a Turtle, you only need what is most important.

A Turtle’s shell can grow rings or scales from environmental conditions—which affect a Turtle’s shell color, indentations, and other characteristics. A Turtle’s shell adapting to its natural environment is an excellent lesson in adaptability, and it is essential to remain flexible and adapt to survive and succeed.

Finally, just like Earth’s magnetic field helps guide Turtles across vast oceans while they remain safely enclosed within their shells, we may find solace within our shells no matter where life takes us or what happens outside it!

The Turtle cannot separate from its shell. Whatever happens in life, we cannot separate what’s most important to our “figurative turtle shell.” Because we cannot separate ourselves from who we are. 

“Try to be like the turtle—at ease in your shell.”

Bill Copeland

Don’t be ashamed of moving and making little progress like a Turtle. Turtles only walk forward and onward and never look or move backward. Although the Turtle may not appear to make much progress over the short term, it does what it can do with what it has. Its success adds up.

The next time you see a Turtle scurrying across the beach or pondering around your garden, take time to appreciate them for their cuteness and all that they represent—resilience through hardship!

It’s incredible what Turtles can teach us!

And, looking back, everyone (the Turtle included) can see how far we have come and how resilient and enduring we have been!

   “Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” 

Chinese Proverb

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