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Bee Hives—The Incredible Sweet Success of Honeybees

We’ve all heard the old saying, “it requires a village to raise a child.” To raise a child properly, many people in various roles besides the parents must provide everything essential for a child to develop and succeed. 

But like many phrases we’ve heard, a more profound understanding is hidden. Here, it’s an analogy to the hardworking bees in nature, and the bees show us all that we can achieve if we work toward a shared goal.

Like a village nurturing a child, it takes many small contributions from each bee to the hive to flourish and produce honey. All the little efforts of one bee add up to make something.

What’s the relevance of saying this? It’s a question worth pondering and a lesson worth learning.

Video Credit: Deep Look By KQED PBS

On average, honeybees’ lifespan is short, lasting six weeks during the summer and up to twenty weeks during the winter. Although their short lifespan may seem impossible or wasteful, they are doing profound work on Earth that will benefit many generations of bees long after they have gone. (Provider of Information: “Heifer International.”)

It may seem odd for bees to work for no reward, but their dedication is extraordinary. Each bee is working hard in the name of future generations—a beautiful act that speaks volumes!

What is the direction of this story?

What would transpire if we had the same mentality? We could achieve greatness. 

And I know we’ve already accomplished remarkable successes, but could we do even better?

Uniting can create wonders! Just look at bees—how they work together to construct honeycomb structures and help pollinate flowers. Visualize the prospects if the same level of commitment and zeal drove everyone.

The prospects are exhilarating!

In today’s global village, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by fear. A vast amount of data is coming at us, and we can feel overwhelmed by this deluge. It takes effort, but there are ways to stay calm amidst all the chaos!

Hate and grievance can only offer a fleeting burst of rage. If we ignite our anger by hating, complaining, and pointing fingers, it only serves a brief purpose—even if sparks fly. Dedicating time, no matter how big or small the trouble may be in innovative solutions, can bring enduring rewards that will enlighten our lives!

Despite the challenges and turns that come with making strides in our shared quest for a better tomorrow, we don’t have to proceed alone.

The bee symbolizes strength striving against all difficulty towards their goal—a never-ending reminder of our own power!

“Everyone has something worthy and impactful to contribute if we commit ourselves to make positive changes.”

Aura Alex

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