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Photo Credit To: Hilal Korkut

The Golden Lessons I Learned From The Solid Gold Buddha!

“The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, whose charms were broken if revealed.”—Charlotte Bronte.

The Golden Buddha of the Sukhothai Dynasty is an awe-inspiring relic that stands through time as a symbol of enlightenment, knowledge, and freedom. Famed for its golden hue—believed to embody purity, generations have cherished this renowned statue since the war, proudly protected in all their darkest hours.

To Buddhists, its story reminds us that we all have an inner light just waiting to be discovered.

The True Story of The Golden Buddha

Their dying attempt to make the Buddha appear of little value worked as they left the Golden Buddha undiscovered. Centuries later, in 1955, a group of monks attempted to move the clay Buddha. One monk noticed a crack in the clay Buddha and found the Golden Buddha inside.

The Golden Buddha is the largest pure gold Buddha in the world, standing nine feet eight inches tall and weighing over five tons, at Wat (temple) Traimit, Bangkok, Thailand. Thai history believes people created it in the 13th or 14th century. Because they made it of precious gold, it is worth over 250 million dollars.

Photo Credit To: Kittipong Chararoj

The Golden Lessons I Have Learned

Growing up in Thailand, this ancient Golden Buddha fascinated me. My parents taught us about the teachings of Buddhism and how important it is to have a peaceful mindset, be mindful of thought, and live with intention.

As I grew older, I appreciated the hidden meaning behind this golden relic even more—that wealth can come from within; that we can find happiness in the simple things; and that material possessions are fleeting, but genuine compassion can last a lifetime.

Visiting the temple multiple times throughout my childhood, the golden Buddha has stayed with me as a reminder to allow myself to be more honest, open, and confident in my identity—owning the strength, beauty, and power within me.

The decisive actions of the monks covering their most prized artifact in plaster to protect their country and its people are a reminder of resilience and strength.

Standing in front of this awe-inspiring artwork with spiritual power radiating from its walls is an indescribable experience—it speaks louder than any words found here or elsewhere ever could.

“We all have the potential for enlightenment, a divine spark of inner radiance hidden deep within. Our mission is to uncover and unlock this glorious, golden Buddha light!

Aura Alex

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