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A Special Message From Our Furry Friends

To All My Human Friends and Family    

I look back to when I first met my mom and dad, who welcomed me to their new home. As a puppy, I was pretty intimidated by other giant dogs that towered over me.

Thankfully, I soon realized they were just like me, only much larger. And I learned they loved me and wanted to protect me from the unfriendly creatures, especially those ferocious raccoon mamas roaming around our neighbors. And, oh, bobcats and foxes too!

Throughout my life, I have had many furry friends come and go. But, the one constant has been my parents. They have always been there for me, whether I was sick, happy, or needed a good belly rub.

I have learned a lot from them. But, there are fundamental lessons that I think every dog can teach their beloved humans.

Enjoy The Simple Things In Life: I Am Here Now!

We furry friends don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future; we live in the moment and make the most of it.

As small as it is, going for a delightful walk every day puts me in a good mood. I like to feel the wind blowing through my fur. The unfamiliar scents I pick up on the fire hydrant; whoa! What was that new scent, a new puppy? Or there’s always something new to see. 

We don’t hold grudges. If you scold me for chewing up your favorite shoes, I will not be mopey about it for days. I’ll forget about it and move on.

I will never forget when you let me try a new treat. And I’ll remind you when it’s time for a treat, whether I deserve it.

Life is too short to hold on to anger and resentment, and it’s also much more pleasant when you can enjoy the moment you’re in instead of worrying about what will happen next.

“When an 85-pound mammal licks your tears away and then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.”—Kristan Higgins.

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I Am The Unconditional Lover

I am a man’s best friend who will stay by you no matter what, and while I think there is truth to this, it doesn’t quite hit the mark.

So, instead, I’d say that we choose to love. Although we are merry creatures, we don’t love everything just for love’s sake.

My parents are great, but there are moments when they upset me. But that doesn’t make me love them any less. Why? Well, because I choose to love them, regardless. My love for them is the totality of all the moments we’ve shared, not just the good ones.

Finding the people that make our tails wag and take us for walks even when it’s cold. Like when you find or meet a new furry friend, the best things for you will find you if you approach them with an open heart. 

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

— Kinky Friedman.

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