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Are You Winning The Race Of Your Life?

“Run the race of life set for you with all your very best.”

Lailah Gifty Akitaa Ghanaian and founder of Smart Youth Volunteers Foundation.

So often, we convince ourselves that falling in love with winning is sexy. We sometimes pressure ourselves to win some earth-shattering race that everyone will talk about.

They emboldened us to do more and achieve more. Experts tell us, “anyone can win.” Coaches say to their teams, “just go out there and win!”

But is winning what influences our success? Is it the right thing to measure our value?

The race of your life isn’t always the center of attention. It’s about the journey toward success.

Why We Like Winning?

Nothing beats the excitement of winning. Why? It seems that being first acknowledges the effort. 

The idea of winning is attractive and winning boosts self-confidence. We plan, train, focus, believe, try again and again, and sometimes receive rewards when we win. 

Winning can also shape our lives on a more positive path. An exciting study also showcased that winning can lead to living a longer life. 

What Matters Is The Journey

Winning isn’t everything; it doesn’t always relate to personal growth. 

We make life up of several races in unfamiliar terrain. There are races for money and fame, and some run after power.

We define the races we must win to survive as making a decent living, seeking kindness, and remaining calmest in the face of anger or despair. There is a race focused on friendship or how good they are at deriving simple pleasure from watching the sunset, chasing rainbows, and enjoying the fall foliage. 

What matters is the journey toward success. In the long run, winning and losing can become part of the same ideal.

It’s not whether you are winning at something; The desire to be better every day is more important.

Include Others In Your Race Of Life

Let’s face it—no matter who you are or what life you were born into, life will throw you some curve balls. The unexpected will happen, and when it does, it will test you in ways you can’t even imagine.

There is always light in dire situations. Focus on the good and hold on to it. If you and a loved one are facing the slow, steady onset of a disease that has no cure, then know from day one that you’re facing it together. And make every moment count.  

Summon up the courage and fortitude to beat back the rising tide you feel and get past it. Have faith, as faith is more significant than fear.

Most people list family and friends as the best things in life. That is because, for us humans, building relationships is crucial to our well-being. Real human interaction gives our lives added meaning.

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It’s not fun to be alone. Even if your journey takes more time and effort, getting on top alongside your loved ones makes a path to winning extraordinary and memorable. 

Enjoy the journey to success. And remember this…..

“An open heart is an open mind.”

Dalai Lama

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